Today is a very important day. In the wake of #blackfriday madness, we have #smallbusinesssaturday. Though The Lakefront is a small business, in no way is it small to us. We work our tails off to try to bring you the best craft experience we can. Remember too; when you support a local small business, you’re not contributing to some mega corporation’s bottom line, you’re supporting a family, and a group of individuals that believe in being a part of something unique and special! We’re so very proud to have brought almost 50 jobs to the mountain community that we all know and love! Cheers to all of you who believe in us and continue to support us and here’s to many more! Cheers! #drinklocal #craft #craftbeer #youfrontin? #tapthat #shoplocal #shopsmall #smallbusiness #familyfirst #burgersbratsandbeersohmy! #smallbiz #smallbusinesssaturday


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